Target right by using Mastercard unparalleled consumer spending insights segments!

Rajesh Sabari, the Head of Partnerships & Business Development, APJ at MasterCard Advisors said, “Our AlikeAudience partnership play a critical role in achieving big traction in the digital programmatic advertising space. Their vast data capabilities, innovative and customer oriented spirit are some of the key capabilities of AlikeAudience and we truly treasure our partnership.”


Our Segments:

  • Travel
  • Telecommunications
  • Food and Dining
  • And more…  

Mastercard Unparalleled Consumer Spending Insights: 

  • 2.3B Global Cards
  • 52B Transaction
  • 38B Merchants Visibility


Use Case – Global Leading Consumer Goods

A CPG client’s objective was to drive awareness and sales conversions to a new electronic gadget. With the gadget being positioned as an upgraded and more luxurious model at a higher price, the client aimed to identify previous loyal customers as well as high spending power consumers. Through AlikeAudience, MasterCard’s raw transaction data was onboarded and converted into actionable MAIDs for campaign targeting. To further narrow down the the client’s target audience, AlikeAudience customized and refined the MasterCard segments include exclusively the top 5 percentile of consumers – those who had consistently spent the highest dollar amounts in Consumer Electronics during the past twelve months.


How does it work? 

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